Editorial standards

Editorial review process

The TAG24 editorial process is fundamentally collaborative, from story selection all the way to publication. It involves a team effort to determine newsworthiness, establish the angle of approach, and maintain a brand-specific writing style. At the heart of everything we do lies a commitment to telling stories that matter to people in an impactful, yet objective manner, with a particular desire to amplifying those voices least heard.

Writers pitch their stories directly to the editor, who evaluates relevance as well as quality of sourcing. This involves answering three central questions: who is the piece for, why does it matter, and how will it be constructed?

Next comes an outline of the article to set structure in place, followed by the writer’s first draft. Clarity, coherence, consistency, and correctness is the ultimate aim, so a sub-editor will then thoroughly comb through the text, scrupulously fact-checking, verifying correct source attribution, and making sure that the “5 Ws and 1 H” questions have been answered. Finally, after the requisite corrections and/or changes have been made, the editor will also read the copy before it is published.

Every step of the way, writers are advised on any and all modifications to their work, to maintain transparency and contribute to their improvement.

Ethics, standards, corrections

At TAG24, we adhere to the highest journalistic standards when it comes to accuracy, integrity, and honesty. We report what we see and quote what was said, taking care to represent subjects and events fairly, while staying watchful and critical. We take the same approach when it comes to our own work –whenever we make a mistake, we own up to it. Corrections are acknowledged and displayed prominently, keeping us accountable to our readers.


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