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Welcome to TAG24'S Entertainment Page!
Welcome to TAG24'S Entertainment Page!  © 123RF/yarruta

Here at TAG24 we stay on top of all the latest Entertainment News. Whether you're talkin' movies, music, video games, the latest celebrity gossip, or literal royalty, we're on it.

Are you curious about your favorite musician's latest album? What about the latest TV shows and movies on your favorite streaming platforms? What's worth seeing in the cinema at the moment? Well, whatever you're looking for, TAG24 is the place to be for all of your Entertainment News needs.

It's not just movies, music, and TV, though. We closely follow the biggest celebrities, reporting on the spiciest drama and updating you on all the latest developments day-in, day-out. 

Oh, and that goes for the Royals too. Are you curious about what Prince Harry had for breakfast this morning? Well, so are we! TAG24 is the place to come for all of your Entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and industry intel.

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Are you curious about the latest Entertainment News? Well, then TAG24 is the place for you!

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