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What has happened in US Politics recently?
What has happened in US Politics recently?  © Unsplash / Alejandro Barba

The United States' foreign and domestic policy agenda is incredibly important for not only America but the world. TAG24 will bring you the latest political news to come out of the US, including policy making, scandals, and responses to global crises like Covid-19 and Climate Change.

With the 2024 election coming, TAG24 is focused on bringing you the latest from America's politicians. That means reporting from the campaign trail when the time comes, but also from the halls of the Capital Building, where all of the United States' biggest political decisions are made.

US Politics is critical to the entire globe, and that doesn't just go for its foreign policy agenda. The social and cultural influence that the United States has across the planet is immense, and TAG24 is up to date on all the latest political debates - whether they are economic or socio-cultural - to make sure that everyone is given the opportunity to understand the current American political situation.

You can come to TAG24 for all the latest updates from Joe Biden's government, as well as ongoing scandals and controversies surrounding contemporary US Politics. From Donald Trump's campaigning to overturn the 2020 election results, to the US' political response to Covid-19, we stay on top of all current political news in the USA.

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