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What's the latest, hottest recipe?
What's the latest, hottest recipe?  © 123RF / monticello

Everybody loves food, as it is the building block for not only life itself but also having a great time with your friends and loved ones. TAG24 is here with the latest new from the world of food, as well as recipes and guides.

Are you curious about the latest trends in food? What about the latest food show that's worth watching, what Gordon Ramsey has been up to, or other food-related celebrity gossip? If it's something from the world of celebrity chefs, food television, or what's popular at the moment, then TAG24 has you covered.

Do you want to know how to cook that magnificent risotto you had at a restaurant last night? What about how to bake the perfect cake, or how to roast the perfect chicken? What are the latest trendy recipes, and how do you put together the perfect meal? Our writers are here with a vast assortment of great recipes.

It's not all celebrities and recipes, though, because no one is a good cook without the basics. Our cooking guides cover all of those basics. From how to sear the perfect steak to how best you can clean your oven, TAG24 is here for all of your cooking and food needs.

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