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TAG24.com is a young publication with a clear mission: delivering your news, your way. Expanding on the trusted and industry-leading brand from Germany, TAG24.com is based in the beating heart of New York City and covers the national stories that matter, while amplifying those voices heard the least.

We’re fast paced like the world around us and bring the passion to everything we cover. From entertainment to the US labor movement, via reparations and the climate crisis, we focus on issues at the heart of local communities and the people most affected by them. This means emphasizing the values of listening, understanding, and empathizing. At TAG24.com, we never lose sight of the responsibilities we take on when a person entrusts us with their story, nor we ever lose sight of our goal of informing our readers and connecting them to what they care about.

TAG24.com is all about making the news entertaining and engaging, inspiring and interesting, custom and common!

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