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Who's on top in the NFL?
Who's on top in the NFL?  © Imago Images / Icon SMI

Whether you are curious about the latest NFL Matches, which teams look like they'll be heading towards the Super Bowl and how the recent season is going, or are curious about the latest scandals and controversies, TAG24 is the place to be.

There are few things more quintessentially American than the NFL. The National Football League is one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world, consisting of 32 teams that compete over eighteen weeks between September and January. After the season's end, the top seven teams from the league compete in the February Super Bowl.

If you're an NFL fan, though, then you probably already know all that and are looking for something a little more detailed. At TAG24 you will find the latest NFL News on current or future Seasons. That means match breakdowns, analysis, and the latest NFL Scores, games, and reporting on NFL drafts.

Stick to TAG24 to not only stay up to date on the most recent NFL games, standings, and schedule announcements, but also to gain an insight into the latest scandals, drama and gossip from the world of American Football.

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If you want the latest NFL News, including recent match results, games, and standings, then you'd be best to stick with TAG24.