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Find out about the latest influencers and the biggest rumors here on TAG24.
Find out about the latest influencers and the biggest rumors here on TAG24.  © 123RF/rawpixel

In a world of social media influencers, there are few days that come and go without some kind of controversy. Who has got themselves in hot water now, what's the biggest viral sensation across the net? TAG24 is here with everything you could ever want to know about the world of influencers.

From sporting influencers like the Cavinder twins, to viral YouTube sensations like MrBeast and Jake Paul, there is nothing that defines the 2020s more than influencer culture. Since the advent of the internet, the definition of celebrity has totally changed, and TAG24 is here to stay on top of it.

If you want to learn all there is to know about Markiplier's latest incident or MrBeast's newest video, or if you just want our take on Olivia Dunne's biggest viral TikTok, you've come to the right place. We've got you covered no matter whether it's the biggest scandals, the funniest stories, or the quirkiest anecdotes.

Influencer culture is not just about the biggest stars, but also about the weirdest tales and the strangest dramas. From BookTok to Instagram's cooking scene, from YouTube's smallest content creators to its biggest, TAG24 brings you all the influencer news you could ever want.

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