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What's the latest Activism News?
What's the latest Activism News?  © 123RF / fabio formaggio

From Black Lives Matter to the fight for gender equality, TAG24 is here with all the latest Activism News. Whether that's news on the battle against Covid-misinformation, for greater climate action, or for better union representation in the US, this is the place to be.

Over the last two decades, Activism has been revitalised in a way not seen since the 1960s and '70s. With different forms of Activism leading the key social movements of our times, social media has become the new rallying point for social change.

At TAG24 you will find the latest news from movements like Black Lives Matter and March for Our Lives. Other major activist movements include the Fridays For Future movement, MeToo, and even more. This is the place to come for all the latest from the major social movements of our time.

Along with the latest developments that have come from activism around the world, you will also find recent scandals and controversies, and news about any counter-movements that are of note.

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TAG24 has all the latest Activism News, no matter the cause. If you are interested in the latest social movements, make sure to stick to this page.