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Are you thinking about getting a tattoo?
Are you thinking about getting a tattoo?  © Unsplash / sippakorn yamkasikorn

From cool tattoo ideas, to the latest celebrity tattoos, TAG24 is the best place for any tattoo fan to come for the latest news and gossip.

Whilst we love tattoos, everyone needs to admit that people sometimes make rather questionable inking decisions. We take a look at not only celebrity tattoo stories, but also the latest in internet tattoo intrigue, trends, and culture.

Whether you are looking for cool tattoo ideas, great tattoo shops to check out, or simply enjoy looking up interesting tattoo designs and fonts, TAG24 has you covered from head to toe.

What are the latest and most interesting trends in the tattoo community as of late? What should you consider when thinking about getting a tattoo? Should you be worried? Does tattooing hurt, what's all this about a "tattoo pain chart"? We answer all of your questions here at TAG24.

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