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TAG24 has the latest Black Lives Matter News.
TAG24 has the latest Black Lives Matter News.  © Unsplash/Koshu Kunii

The Black Lives Matter movement has reaped its rewards over the last decade, coming to a head over the last few years after the death of George Floyd. TAG24 is here with all the latest news and headlines from the movement.

In 2020, George Floyd perished at the hands of a police officer. The ensuing protests reignited the Black Lives Matter movement, parachuting the issue to the height of public importance even during a time when coronavirus was at its height. Since this happened, TAG24 has made sure that it stays up to date on the latest developments.

On this page you can not only find the answers to key questions about Black Lives Matter, including advice on how to help the Black Lives Matter movement, and reporting on its goals and funding, but also the latest events and BLM news. TAG24 also reports on the movement's major political successes as well as the roadblocks it faces.

Of course, Black Lives Matter is not just about police violence against African American people, but also about systemic injustices within the American political and legal systems. With that in mind, TAG24 will draw your eyes to trials like that of Pamela Moses, as well as Black Lives Matter protests that you may want to get involved with.

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Stick to TAG24 for the latest Black Lives Matter News, as well as updates on the movement itself, its successes, and its failures.