Local cattle ranch transforms into drive-in theater every Friday night

Austin, Texas - A local Wagyu cattle ranch is serving up more than just delicious burgers for those who miss having dinner at a show.

Ranger Cattle Ranch hosts a dine-in movie theater every Friday.
Ranger Cattle Ranch hosts a dine-in movie theater every Friday.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Ranger Cattle

Ranger Cattle Ranch is mixing business with pleasure, opening up their cattle ranch to moviegoers who’ve been missing movie nights at one of the many dine-in theaters around Austin.

Over the last year, drive-in theaters have been making a name for themselves as one of the few places people could safely go for entertainment outside their homes.

Unlike other drive-in theaters around Austin, Ranger Cattle Ranch has live music before each movie, with socially-distanced bales of hay set out for everyone to sit on and enjoy the show before the show. Another hard-to-turn-down perk of attending one of their drive-in showings is that each ticket comes with free cocktails, beer, and water.

Not only that, but guests can get a taste of their high-quality Wagyu beef on-site, with made-to-order burgers available for purchase, along with other concessions. Their concession stand isn’t like any other around, either.

To cash in on the free beer, order a burger or buy any other concessions sold, guests head to the ranch’s infamous red firetruck. Burgers are grilled over an open flame by the ranchers atop of the truck, and beer dispensers were installed to the side.

The ranch features classic fan-favorites every Friday, with The Hangover (2009) being shown tonight.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Ranger Cattle

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