Bobbi-Jo Westley wants to have the biggest hips in the world – even if it kills her!

York, Pennsylvania – Mother of five, Bobbi-Jo Westley is on a mission to break the record for biggest hips in the world – but it might come at a deadly health cost.

Bobbi-Jo Westley has 4 more inches more to go if she wants to have the world's biggest hips.
Bobbi-Jo Westley has 4 more inches more to go if she wants to have the world's biggest hips.  © Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Bobbi-Jo Westley

Pennsylvania native Bobbi-Jo Westley has set herself a goal to become the world record holder for the world's biggest hips. Currently measuring at 95 inches, she has at least 4 more to go until she beats the current record holder, Mikel Ruffinelli from LA, whose hips are 99 inches wide.

Though people call her fat, Bobbi-Jo Westley doesn't take it to heart, telling Truly that she knows she is, so the words of haters don't affect her.

While she claims that she doesn't eat much and has gained all the weight due to a thyroid problem, other factors have helped add to her 542-pound figure.

Some may have issues with her body, but Westley admits that she loves her appearance, saying, "My hips are sexy – I like them, they're like saddlebags".

Her mission is ambitious, but it comes at a potentially deadly cost. Nutritionist Nadia Sharifi visited the 42-year-old mom to discuss her eating habits.

Bobby-Jo Westley said she hardly eats anything, but admitted that when she does, it's mostly junk food.

Sharifi attempted to explain how important a good diet is, but Westley still seems to think her weight isn't something that she can control.

Bobbi-Jo Westley is going head-to-head with doctors over her world's biggest hips ambition

Sharifi objected to this narrative, telling Truly, "Nutrition as a way through her day was a big part of it. She doesn't eat enough, and when she does, it's unhealthy food. So, thyroid is a little part of it, but really her nutrition and the way she eats is the bigger part".

Despite concerns from her doctors who say she's a ticking time bomb, Bobby-Jo Westley still has mad love and appreciation for her appearance, and she's not the only one.

She often posts pictures showing off her hips and butt on social media, where she has a sizable following.

"I may be big and fat, but at least I have some type of shape – it's who I am," Westley said.

Regardless of the many health concerns she'll face if she continues to seek the world record for biggest hips, Bobby-Jo Westley is continuing on her mission to defeat the current champion and become the person with the world's largest hips.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Bobbi-Jo Westley

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