Free Libra monthly horoscope for August 2023

The universe has a lot in store for Libras in August 2023. To prepare you for these eventualities, let the monthly horoscope help you accept your limits and follow the love!

Libras can expect changes in August, according to this free monthly horoscope.
Libras can expect changes in August, according to this free monthly horoscope.  © 123RF/Robert Lehmann

Keep up with your free monthly horoscope for zodiac sign Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The universe will impose predestined fates for all Libras this August, bring progress and drawbacks in everyone's love life and career. Despite the difficulties, both up the hill and down, Libras should focus on their health above anything else.

Discover everything that the universe has in store for you in August with the monthly horoscope for Libras!

Libra monthly horoscope for August 2023

Love and Relationships

Actions speak louder than words in August. Try not to fight nervousness and your lack of concentration by withdrawing, and instead bring out your inner extrovert and let the bubbles surface. Remember what you say, as good things will come back with a hug and bad things will come back with a dagger.

Health and Fitness

It's time for a massage, as you're going to need something that'll calm you down. Treat yourself to something beneficial and understand that it's time to do something that'll help your circulation. Try to take hot showers and visit the sauna regularly, pay attention to your diet and cut fat, but don't overwork yourself – listen to the signals your body is sending you.

Career and Finances

Professional success is important to you and you show that through ambition and an extraordinary amount of stamina. You are willing to give a lot to your job, but don't overdo it. By refraining, you'll gain influence, allowing you to start anew. Things won't always be easy, but you need to be future-oriented and always move forward. Work with your strength, but also accept your weaknesses.

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