Curvy Russian Anastasiya posts a bikini pic and her fans go wild

Moscow, Russia - The bikini has been around for more than 70 years and it's still a crowd pleaser. Especially when you look like Anastasiya Berthier, the curvy Russian beauty who just gave her fans a real treat.

Anastasiya is the very definition of busty.
Anastasiya is the very definition of busty.  © Montage: Screenshots Berthier

Bikinis come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns, but they always look best over curves. In 1960, bubble-gum pop icon Bryan Hyland created an ode to the swimsuit: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

But all the hype isn't about the bits of fabric, it's about who is wearing it and that's where the voluptuous Russian Anastasiya comes in.

Over 650,000 people follow the model on Instagram. And it doesn't matter if the woman is in lingerie, a short skirt, or a swimsuit – her K-size cups always steal the show. 

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And to her fans great delight, she squeezed her luscious curves into a bikini.

In her latest post, the top heavy Russian stands in front of some palm leaves. The bikini is a more conventional one that she sometimes goes for, but it still does its job highlighting her most beloved feature.

The post has 18,800 likes so far and tons of comments. One user calls for "More bikinis it is breast awareness month," correctly pointing out that October is breast cancer awareness month. Another says, "Oh, my goodness, you look so beautiful, baby."

Countless users shower Anastasiya with heart emojis. Others use emojis to make it clear that they are dreaming of her in every possible way. One user even tried to express his lust in words "I can’t stop thinking about you, my sweet darling lady, because of your everlasting beauty, you turn me on so much, I can’t control myself." 

Given this universally positive reaction, we can probably expect Anastasiya to continue showing off her bikini collection. 

Cover photo: Montage: Screenshots Berthier

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