Can cats really cry?

Pet owners have often found themselves wondering if their furry friends are capable of feeling the same emotions humans do. Photos of cats and dogs who look like they're in tears are easy to find on the internet. But while there's no doubt that animals can experience something like sadness, does that actually mean that cats can cry tears?
Most people are heartbroken over images of crying cats.
Most people are heartbroken over images of crying cats.  © Screenshot Instagram: cats_loverrrr_ •
Photos on Instagram of cats tearing up have led many people to believe that their felines are capable of crying.

The pictures are often enough to bring a tear to the eye of many cat owners themselves.

These emotional images and videos are then shared over and over again.

Many photos show cats crying tears

But it's important to know that these photos of crying cats alongside heartbreaking captions is often just misleading clickbait content.

All too often, the users publishing the photos don't disclose the true reason behind a cat's watery eyes and instead make up an emotional backstory to attract more followers.

But do cats really cry?

The simple answer is yes, cats can cry. Just like humans, cats have tear glands. So the pictures of crying cats on social media are likely not faked.

But do cats cry because they're sad? The answer to this is just as straightforward: no. When they feel upset, cats have their own unique ways of express their feelings.

A cat that sheds tears may have problems, but they're not emotional.

In most cases, the tears are caused by swelling of the eyes. A cat might also suffer watery eyes when experiencing a sudden drop in temperature or if it is in a dusty environment. Tears can even indicate more serious issues, such as a viral infection.

So if you see your cat crying tears, you should take action – but not because your feline friend is depressed. There's probably something physically wrong with it and a visit to the vet is recommended.

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Cover photo: Screenshot Instagram: cats_loverrrr_ •

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