Boy lets his dog enjoy some snow on-the-go!

Rișca, Romania - It may be freezing outside, with streets blanketed in snow and people staying comfy indoors – but not one Romanian boy who had a memorable day while "walking the dog".

A fun and creative idea: what Pufi's walks look like right now.
A fun and creative idea: what Pufi's walks look like right now.  © Facebook/Screenshot/Alin Si Gina Abrudan

Twelve-year-old Andrei knows how to make the best out of a tough situation – braving the challenging weather as his neighborhood was paralyzed by heavy snowfall.

Instead of trudging through the powder on foot with his four-legged friend Pufi, he simply grabbed a sled and his bike.

After attaching the small sled to the back of his wheels, the little ball of fur jumped onboard, and off they went!

As Andrei peddled through the falling flurries, his canine companion skillfully balanced behind while enjoying some crisp winter air. A pup could definitely get used to that!

Facebook video of the duo wows thousands

Andrei and dog Pufi get a new bike

A video of the endearing pair posted to Facebook has garnered more than 8,500 views and eight thousand shares. Commenters delighted in its reminder of a "beautiful lesson: Make heaven out of what you have!"

Thanks to the viral video, a local community group took notice and decided to find the boy.

The employees of CERT Transilvania were touched by Andrei's creativity and gave him quite the treat: they bought the duo a brand-new bike, in hopes that future adventures would be even more fun.

"Andrei and Pufi reminded us of our childhood, when the simplest things gave us the greatest joys: snow, a sled and a friend," the group wrote on Facebook.

"Today it was our turn to make Andrei happy by giving him a brand-new bike – equipped with everything he might need for the next few years riding to school or racing with Pufi."

Now Andrei and Pufi can ride in style together wherever they want, in any weather!

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/Alin Si Gina Abrudan

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