Golden retriever in profile: Lifespan, characteristics, price

If you're thinking of getting a family dog full of life and energy, you need look no further than the iconic golden retriever.

Golden retrievers are the sweetest dogs in the entire world.
Golden retrievers are the sweetest dogs in the entire world.  © Unsplash/Justin Aikin

The most wonderful, sweet, and gorgeous pup is the golden retriever, man's true best friend and quite possibly the ultimate doggy friend.

If you're thinking about adopting one of these wonders, there are a few things that you should know.

What is a golden retriever?

Golden retrievers are quite possibly the most beloved and well-known breed of domestic dog in the world. They are known to be generally medium-large in size, with long, silky hair and a smile that could steal the world. Unbelievably obedient and friendly, golden retrievers are some of the safest, sweetest, and kindest family pets you could ever hope for.

There is very little you necessarily need to know about the golden retriever. They are unbelievably docile and have hearts of gold that make them perfect around kids and the elderly. They are quiet and happy to chill with you as long as they get their one or two walks every day.

Few dog breeds are easier to get on with and have as positive a personality as these fluffy darlings. If you have never had a dog before, the golden retriever is a great choice.

Is there any animal more boopable than the golden retriever?
Is there any animal more boopable than the golden retriever?  © Unsplash/Andrew Spencer

History of the golden retriever

The golden retriever is a Scottish dog breed that emerged from a cross between flat-coated retrievers, tweed water spaniels, and a few other British breeds. In general, it is believed that early golden retrievers started appearing towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, largely referred to as flat-coated retrievers.

Goldens were not officially recognized as a distinct and separate breed until the 1920s. A few years earlier, a man called Sir Dudley Marjoribanks set himself the task of producing the ultimate retriever. To do so, he interbred a yellow flat-coated retriever called Nous with a tweed water spaniel named Belle.

Nous and Belle's litter was made up of four golden pups. They were then bred with a variety of other dogs, including a labrador retriever called Tracer. Through the generations, the golden retriever was born, but it wouldn't be until the 1950s that Majoribanks' true achievement would be recognized when research on his stud book was published by his great nephew.

We can certainly thank Sir Dudley Marjoribanks for his historical work. Without this Scottish nobleman, we would never have had these beautiful doggos!

Characteristics of the golden retriever

These golden beauties are some of the most beloved creatures in the world, and for obvious reason. They are characterized by their adorable looks and endlessly positive personalities. When you think about it, there is truly nothing to complain about when it comes to the golden retriever.

Here are the key characteristics of the golden retriever:

  • Thick, fluffy, and long golden coat
  • Double coat
  • Dark nose and coloring around the mouth and eyes
  • Friendly and happy personality
  • Floppy ears
  • Fluffy tail
  • Average height of 20–24 inches
  • Average weight of 60–70 pounds
  • Strong muzzle

Many already know what these graceful goobers look like – but what about their personalities?

Golden retriever personality

Look at this friendly, happy, and gorgeous golden retriever!
Look at this friendly, happy, and gorgeous golden retriever!  © Unsplash/Stephen Andrews

One of the main draws of the golden retriever is its endlessly positive, kind, and loving personality. They are some of the best family dogs out there, as they are curious, tolerant, and affectionate towards children. This relaxed nature doesn't make them boring, either, as golden retrievers also have a more active side to them.

You see, golden retrievers like to do exactly what their name suggests – run and fetch stuff. They are playful and, when appropriate, can be quite energetic, fast, and strong. As a result, your golden retriever is not only fantastic for couch cuddles, but also for walks and games in the park.

Here are the key elements of a golden retriever's personality:

  • Calm
  • Trainable
  • Friendly
  • Loving
  • Tolerant
  • Relaxed and non-aggressive
  • Lazy
  • Kind
  • Funny
  • Excitable
  • Slow
  • Mature
  • Happy
  • Fun
  • Docile

The golden retriever is not only a beautiful-looking dog, but also a breed known for having hearts of gold.

Golden retriever colors

The golden retriever is known for its golden yellow coat and does not come in any other color. After all, these beautiful creatures are called "golden" retrievers for a reason. It's not really a shame either, as their coats are some of the fluffiest, softest, and most majestic in the canine world.

Golden retrievers might not live super long, but they certainly live well.
Golden retrievers might not live super long, but they certainly live well.  © Unsplash/Jakub Dziubak

Golden retriever lifespan

Golden retrievers have a life expectancy of 11–13 years, making them more long-lived than many other dogs their size. Indeed, their longer lifespan (though not significantly longer) is impressive in part because crossbreeds are not usually as long-lived as purebreds.

Important: It is worth mentioning that golden retrievers are known to be particularly prone to cancer, which some studies suggest claims about half their population. In particular, they are at a high risk of hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma.

How much is the golden retriever's price?

The love of a golden retriever is, quite simply, priceless.
The love of a golden retriever is, quite simply, priceless.  © Unsplash/Nicholas Brownlow

In general, a golden retriever puppy will cost you about $1,500-2,000 when purchased from a breeder or pet shop. These doggos are not specially bred creatures that fetch insanely high prices on the market, but you must also remember that the cost of a dog is not just the initial price of admission. You will also need to pay for food, equipment, vaccinations, and medical treatments.

Ultimately, we always recommend getting your darling doggo from a dog shelter or rescue center. By doing so, you help a dog in need and do something good for the community as well. We would warn, however, that adopting a shelter dog does come with its risks and might not always be the best idea for a family with kids.

The golden retriever is truly the greatest family dog to have ever existed, full of fun and friendliness that'll keep your kids happy and playful in a safe and comfortable environment. What's not to love?

Cover photo: Unsplash/Justin Aikin

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