Doggie Howser, M.D. – Columbus hospital gets a special furry employee

Columbus, Ohio - Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. One Columbus hospital decided to cheer up medical workers and patients alike by adding a four-legged attendant to the ward.

Shiloh's job is to put a smile on the faces of staff and patients.
Shiloh's job is to put a smile on the faces of staff and patients.  © Twitter/Bildmontage/ShariDunawayMD

Dr. Shari Dunaway from the Wexner Medical Center in Columbus posted two snapshots of the hard-working dog on her Twitter account.

The handsome golden retriever already has his own staff ID badge, which apparently makes him part of the hospital's STAR Program. That's clearly where Shiloh belongs!

Incidentally, his name has Hebrew origins and means “the one who brings peace” or “the bringer of rest.” Shiloh is certainly doing his name justice, as he goes "around saying hi to other employees while they work".

The internet loved this idea. The photos got more than 120,000 likes and thousands of retweets.

Dr. Dunaway used the attention to spread an important message: "This is blowing up. I haven’t dropped my mixtape yet (delays with the Rona), but please please for the love of humans and humans who serve other humans, wear a mask."

Dog Shiloh's role is to bring joy

The doctor took the time to answer questions in the replies and made it clear that the canine carer is being richly rewarded for his volunteer work. He gets treats, plenty of good food, and a big cuddle bonus.

Most importantly, he brings a bit of joy to health care workers every day.

Cover photo: Twitter/Bildmontage/ShariDunawayMD

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