"Mom, is that you?" Pet store puppy has heartbreaking reaction to a familiar sight

Internet - A poor puppy is leaving many TikTok users feeling emotional.

The shepherd pooch was in awe when he sees an adult dog of his own breed.
The shepherd pooch was in awe when he sees an adult dog of his own breed.  © Screenshot/tiktok/gorewhore.666

The moving video posted on TikTok shows a German shepherd puppy sitting in a pet shop cage.

The little dog can't take its eyes off an adult German shepherd that came into the store. The sad pooch's longing gaze speaks volumes: it's almost as if it thinks the older canine is his mom!

Frozen with fascination, it stares intently with its ears pricked up.

"Mom, is that you?" the uploader gorewhore.666 wrote in her post. The big dog seems equally interested in the look-alike and returns its glance.

The touching footage has amassed about 1.3 million views and more than 150,000 likes.

While many users felt their hearts melting at the beautiful scene, some others felt bad for the lonely puppy.

"Take him out there right now!" one person wrote. "Oh no, this is so wrong, I want to weep." another wrote.

Hopefully, the small puppy won't have to stay in the pet store for too much longer and will soon find a new loving home.

Cover photo: Screenshot/tiktok/gorewhore.666

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