Denny's worker quits on the spot after having to deal with anti-maskers again

Illinois - When two men entered an Illinois Denny's refusing to wear a mask, it was the last straw for one fed-up waitress: she tried to quit on the spot.

The waitress politely greeted the two guests, but they refused to wear a face mask.
The waitress politely greeted the two guests, but they refused to wear a face mask.  © Reddit/Screenshit/Bildmonatge/Makaveli_The_Don

"What is wrong with you people?" This is the moment when a Denny's worker snapped, after being confronted by two men refusing to wear masks in the restaurant.

The video – initially posted to Reddit and later shared on YouTube – captures the interaction which ends with the woman threatening to quit her job.

The incident went down in September but has only recently surfaced. The footage was recorded by two men who appear to have been out looking for some conflict.

As they enter the restaurant, they are greeted by the waitress, ready to show them to their seats. She politely asks them to wear mouth and nose covers, as required by the state mask mandate. But the anti-maskers came prepared to make a scene.

"We have a religious exemption," argues one of the men, citing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. "We just don't want to wear a mask," he adds. He seems to be referring to a passage in the Civil Rights Act that prohibits "discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation." It's unclear what this or his mention of religion have to do with the mask requirement.

They were probably not the first anti-maskers to make an appearance at this particular Denny's restaurant, as the waitress doesn't even bother arguing. She simply turns her back on the trolls and proceeds to remove her server apron. "You know what? I quit, I f****** quit. What is wrong with you people?" she shouts.

The boss defended the mask mandate

The waitress (l.) was ready to quit before the store manager intervened and asked the men to leave.
The waitress (l.) was ready to quit before the store manager intervened and asked the men to leave.  © Reddit/Screenshit/Bildmonatge/Makaveli_The_Don

"I'm not working for this s*** anymore," the exasperated woman continues, "I'm sick of feeling like this!"

"You're discriminating against us," one of the men mutters weakly, a bit taken aback by the unexpected reaction.

At this point, the store manager intervenes and tries to calm things down. "No mask, no service," he tells the men, ushering them out the door.

They eventually leave, but not before attempting one last put-down: "You've lost our business," a line that doesn't seem to have the intended effect. The waitress can then be heard pointing out the fact that the whole scene is being filmed. "Is this some kind of fun act for these people?" she asked her boss in disbelief.

The clip went viral, getting almost 200,000 views on YouTube, and the woman is being praised for her courage. While the anti-maskers might have hoped for popularity when they posted the clip, a lot of people sympathized with the waitress' reaction and called the two men "idiots."

"I don't know who this woman is, but I want to give her money. These religious fanatics are fanatics and she deserves the best Christmas for standing up to them," one user wrote and a lot of people agreed.

"Imagine being the original anti-mask idiot who posted this online and thinking this makes you look good," another one commented.

Watch the video of the incident:

Safety of employees and guests is "top priority"

As Covid-19 cases continue to spike across the country, Illinois on Thursday reported 8,828 new confirmed infections, and 181 additional deaths, bringing the total cases of the virus to 879,428 statewide.

In response to the incident, a spokesperson of the restaurant said in a statement that the safety of their employees and guests is their "top priority," according to Fox News.

"We ask that those who choose to dine out respect the hard work and resilience of these workers by adhering to public health guidelines as well as individual restaurant policies."

Cover photo: Reddit/Screenshit/Bildmonatge/Makaveli_The_Don

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