Instagram reduces users' time options for its Daily Limit feature

Menlo Park, California - Instagram made a slight change to one of its most user-friendly features, making it harder to set the time limits in-app you want.

Instagram changed how easy it is to stay on top of your time in the app.
Instagram changed how easy it is to stay on top of your time in the app.  © college: IMAGO / YAY Images, imagebroker

The platform upped the minimum Daily Limit setting to 30 minutes, according to TechCrunch, meaning that users can no longer have full control over the feature. The update was kept very much on the down low.

The removal of the 10- or 15-minute hard limit for gluing your eyeballs to the endless scroll was quite a flip-flop after the fanfare-filled PR move that made way for a more user-focused Instagram.

Back in 2018, time use tools were unveiled for both Instagram and Facebook. They also included granular usage details and were hailed as a step forward in the control people have over their social media.

Now, after taking fire for changing the Daily Limit, Instagram has claimed in a tweeted response to TechCrunch's article that this was done to prevent the app from bombarding users with notifications.

The Take a Break feature lets you set reminders to leave the app after 10, 20, or 30 minutes, but that means Instagram's claim is about as sturdy as a wet paper towel.

Users will still get hit with multiple notifications for the Daily Limit and Take a Break features. Plus, the entire point of setting them at more frequent times is that some users wanted it that way, or they would have gone for the 30-minute reminder in the first place.

Although Instagram does indeed let you set a reminder to take breaks after shorter periods of time, limiting daily use to under 30 minutes is still no longer an option.

Cover photo: college: IMAGO / YAY Images, imagebroker

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