Instagram travel blogger finds perfect spot for a photo, or so she thought

Internet - Alex Baxter thought she had found the perfect shot for her travel blog, but it wasn't meant to be.

Chasing a picture-perfect opportunity, Alex Baxter traverses this steep rock face.
Chasing a picture-perfect opportunity, Alex Baxter traverses this steep rock face.  © Screenshot

Many influencers will do almost anything to capture the perfect Instagram image. They try to keep followers engaged through bodily contortions, funny facial expressions, and hours upon hours of posing.

Backpacker Alex Baxter tested her pain threshold for the perfect shot – rather unintentionally.

The travel blogger is currently on the road in Western Australia. In the Karijini National Park, she discovered what seemed to be the ideal spot for a photo shoot, expecting to wow her 3,000 followers.

The plan didn't work out as intended, as this video posted to the channel Influencers in the Wild shows.

The blonde globetrotter, sporting a white sundress, navigates a steep, slippery rock face overlooking a natural water pool.

Just as she is about to turn around to pose for the camera, she loses her grip, slips, and slides into the water – in a rather painful-looking manner.

Alex is completely immersed in the water when the video stops.

Instagram users respond to video with malicious glee

In the end, she crashes into the water.
In the end, she crashes into the water.  © Screenshot

The Instagram channel, which regularly collects embarrassing outtakes from social networks, appropriately titled the post "Revenge of the Mountain."

With more than 85,000 likes, the video is much more successful than Alex's travel posts.

This is what Baxter apparently wanted to achieve since she submitted the painful outtake herself.

In the comments, the travel blogger and other influencers are met with mockery and malice.

"Wanna be influencers submitting their own stuff to be showcased on this page are the worst," writes one of the site's followers.

Another agrees: "Glorious! This should be the outcome for all “influencers” who go to remote locations and share them all over social media for likes. DYK that it’s possible to go somewhere and NOT share it?"

Their gloating seems to know no bounds: "I knew it was coming, and I still enjoyed every second of it."

Only a few people are concerned about the blonde's health, judging by the the comments. She seems to be doing fine: she has already published a new post on her own Instagram account.

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