Nintendo forced this influencer change her username

Internet - For a long time, she was known as Pokeprincxss on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. But this influencer suddenly had to change her username.

Pokeprincxss now goes by the name Digitalprincxss.
Pokeprincxss now goes by the name Digitalprincxss.  © Screenshot/Instagram/digitalprincxss

The reason for it is hard to grasp.

Nintendo had a problem with the name Pokeprincxss and threatened her with a lawsuit, claiming that it owned all right to the word "Poke". The company actually hit her with a cease and desist, according to an interview with Game Rant.

But it wasn't as simple as just changing her username. The 23-year-old had to scrap all of her merchandise as well, because many of the clothes she sold featured Pokéballs and Pokémon characters. Nintendo is now claiming all of the revenue generated by the influencer, who is hugely popular online.

On October 9, the young woman uploaded her last video as Pokeprincxss and tearfully said goodbye to her old name.

"Thank you guys for the love and support you've given me for the past eight years [...] I know for you guys it's just a username, but it was more than just a username to me," she said, adding that she will be known as Digitalprincxss in the future.

But that won't affect her love for Pokémon in the slightest: "My love for Pokémon will never change and my support for Nintendo will never change". 

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/digitalprincxss

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