The Grinch stole one woman's Christmas, and the internet is losing it

Belfast, UK– One mother wanted to give her kids a Christmas experience they'd never forget, but she could've never imagined how it'd end up.

Laura Magill shared her dissatisfaction with her family's Grinch visit on social media, and it's now gone viral.
Laura Magill shared her dissatisfaction with her family's Grinch visit on social media, and it's now gone viral.  © Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Laura Magill

As a parent, your kids are always a priority, especially during the holiday season.

In an attempt to make some family memories that will last a lifetime, Facebook user Laura Magill spent roughly $112 for a Grinch visit that inevitably left her "disgusted."

According to her Facebook post that was shared by Twitter user Cafucatfood, Magill hired the iconic Dr. Seuss character, claiming an advertisement said they would, "Come in, mess [up] the kids' bed, have pillow fights, put [a] toilet [paper] roll around your Christmas tree, and [take] pictures with the kids at the end."

Unfortunately for the Belfast, UK resident and her family's home, things got a little more out of hand than expected.

Rather than getting a healthy dose of Christmas mischief, Magill claims the Grinch completely trashed her home by smashing party food and "expensive cupcakes", breaking Christmas decorations, and pouring a full bottle of juice over one of her son's heads.

"Highly, highly do not recommend," Magill wrote, later adding, "[The] Grinch [definitely] came [and] stole Christmas."

Despite her immense dissatisfaction and outrage, Twitter seems to have found the whole debacle to be quite humorous, with one user writing, "Absolute core memory for the kid," while another said, "You think the Grinch can be stopped by normal means?"

Many were quick to throw shade Magill's way for paying money to have someone knowingly wreck your home in any capacity.

Twitter user Gav2302 replied, "I mean, admitting to paying someone [$112] to make a mess of your house was the most baffling bit of the whole thing for me."

TAG24 reached out to Magill for comment, but has not received a response.

Let this be a lesson that sometimes, you really do get what you pay for.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Laura Magill

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