Twitter's has a new banhammer to use on spam accounts

San Francisco, California - Twitter is stepping up its efforts to deal with its spam-filled spaces, and there's a new banhammer waiting for any accounts foolish enough to copy and paste too often.

Imagine a Twitter without spam and bot accounts...
Imagine a Twitter without spam and bot accounts...  © Collage: 123RF/davinci, dreamcursor (Stock)

Twitter explained in an official statement that its new anti-spam measures are coming after accounts that post duplicate content.

The main goal is to drop the amount of spammy content you run into, and deal with the tech platform's rampant bot account issues, which is in line with what Elon Musk said he wants for the future of Twitter.

The social media giant explained that the first step is to "limit visibility" for accounts and posts that count as copied and pasted content (copypasta).

That limited visibility means curbing how much the Twitter algorithms boost an account's content, preventing it from showing up unless users follow the account.

Twitter threatens to ban copypasta abusers

If accounts really abuse the copypasta posting by coding and using automated scripts to really bombard Twitter with duplicate content, then the second step is to remove the content, or even permanently ban those accounts entirely.

There is an option to report duplicate content by clicking the three little dots next to a tweet and selecting the flag labelled "Report Tweet" and then clicking the "It's Suspicious or Spam" option.

Twitter is already aware that this could lead to honest content getting reduced visibility, or tweets not showing up after posting, and invites them to report the issue.

Twitter is on the warpath against copypasta and the accounts that create it. That means out with the bots and spam, and in with authentic content, ideally.

Cover photo: Collage: 123RF/davinci, dreamcursor (Stock)

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