Has your clear phone case turned yellow? This life hack might save you!

Internet - How to clean a clear phone case that’s turned yellow? Over time, silicone cases can get dirty and unsightly. If you want your phone case to look like new again, one TikTok user has a trick that's both simple and effective.

Light-colored and transparent mobile phone covers made of silicone can turn yellow over time.
Light-colored and transparent mobile phone covers made of silicone can turn yellow over time.  © 123rf.com/ Elena Loginova

Silicone mobile phone cases are very practical for protecting your smartphone. However, as you take your phone with you everywhere, day in and day out, the case can get dirty over time. Bright and transparent silicone cases, in particular, take on an unsightly yellowish-brown color.

What do you do if your phone's silicone case turns yellow and you don't want to buy a new one right away? How do you remove the yellow color from clear silicone?

TikTok user @rose.friederike has a simple and effective tip for this.

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To get dirty and yellowed phone cases clean again, all you need is a small bowl, some lukewarm water, and the secret ingredient: baking soda.

In the short video, Rose shows how she puts the water and a sachet full of baking soda together in the bowl before putting her visibly dirty silicone case inside.

She leaves the whole thing to soak for around two hours, after which she pulls out a shiny, new-looking phone case.

TAG24 tests the tip!

It's not clear whether the cleaned silicone cover is actually the same one from the beginning of the video or whether a completely new cover was used for the dramatic before-and-after effect.

But the fact is, slight discolorations can be removed from plastic with baking soda.

An experiment by the TAG24 editorial team showed that slight lightening can be detected after submerging the case in the baking soda-water mixture. However, one should not expect miracles with severe discoloration, which can occur after about a year of use.

In addition to the degree of discoloration, the quality of the silicone cover also plays a role. If the protective cover only cost a few dollars, it will wear out faster than a model you spend a bit more on.

Why do clear silicone phone cases turn yellow over time?

Anyone who uses a transparent or light-colored silicone mobile phone case for a long time will sooner or later notice that it turns yellow.

There are many reasons for this: UV light, but above all constant contact with sweat and grease from the hands, leads to discoloration. This happens over time all by itself and can hardly be avoided without targeted cleaning of the cover.

Nevertheless, regularly cleaning your mobile phone and cover is very important. It's not only about the aesthetics, but also about health and hygiene.

If you want to preserve the charm and good looks of your phone case from the beginning, the regular baking soda treatment is certainly a good choice.

But if you're hoping that your silicone case will end up looking like new when it's heavily discolored, you'll probably be disappointed.

Cover photo: 123rf.com/ Elena Loginova/TAG24-Fotomontage

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