Homemade lemonade: Three new twists on a summer classic

Homemade lemonade is a bona fide classic, but there are some easy ways to give your summer drink a fresh twist.

Lemonade is best served over ice with some lemon slices.
Lemonade is best served over ice with some lemon slices.  © 123rf/ oksix

When life gives you lemons, you know what to do.

A classic lemonade is, of course, just a lot of fresh lemon juiced mixed with water. It's best served over ice with lemon slices for swanky garnish.

Classic hack: If you haven't been making your lemonade with a simple syrup, it's high time you take that extra step. Simple syrup is just equal parts of water and sugar boiled together till the sugar dissolves, then cooled. Even way back in 1943, legendary cookbook writer Irma S. Rombauer was writing in the Joy of Cooking: "The sugar and water need not be boiled but the quality of the lemonade is improved if they are."

Even though the classic is something we all know and love, it could always do with a little upgrade.

You can give your classic lemonade a fun twist and with some easy tweaks.

Three twists on the classic

This twist on a summer classic is named after the professional golfer Arnold Palmer.
This twist on a summer classic is named after the professional golfer Arnold Palmer.  © 123rf/ bhofack2
There are three easy add ins and mix techniques to make your summer drink a bit new and different.
  • Arnold Palmer

Named after the golf legend Arnold Palmer, this twist on ice tea is as easy as adding two parts iced black tea to one part classic lemonade. You can also mix equal parts tea and lemonade if you prefer a sweeter drink.

Pro-tip: Pour the lemonade first to get a pretty, two-tone visual effect.

  • Strawberry lemonade

When strawberries are in season, which is usually June, this cousin of the rose can add a whole new dimension to the sour yellow summer classic. Make your lemonade a bit pinker and sweeter by mashing up some strawberries and adding them to a mix. Cut a few to garnish your glass is also a sweet move.

  • Herb infused lemonade

Muddle some mint into the bottom of your cup and pour some classic lemonade on top and stir, and you've got yourself some mint infused classic summer lemon. In fact, for this twist you can add whatever green herb you've got in your window sill garden, whether it's rosemary, tarragon, or thyme. Even basil, which is usually reserved for savory food, makes for a great effect.

The only thing you need to brighten a summer day is a tall, cool glass of lemonade, so make it extra special with these fresh takes.

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