Jamie Grasse
Jamie Grasse

Jamie Grasse

Jamie Grasse is a staff writer at TAG24.com. She covers everything from animals and entertainment to parenthood and politics. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, she has lived and studied in both Colorado and Germany.

Jamie's holds master’s degree in philosophy, so she understands absurdity as well as the importance of finding joy and creating meaning in the everyday. Which is why she writes about cats, astrology, but also about mental health topics and women’s rights.

Her predisposition towards the stars doesn't stop there: Jamie's got real admiration for artists like Lizzo and Cardi B, especially when they use their platforms to empower others or support a good cause.

She also covers current political issues such as mental health topics and women's rights.

In her free time, she enjoys intellectual pursuits such as theater, gardening, and watching competitive cooking shows.

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