"Human Ken Doll" Justine Jedlica celebrates his 1,000th surgery with new leg implants

Indianapolis, Indiana – Justin Jedlica, who calls himself the "Human Ken Doll," wants to be remembered as a pioneer in the history books of plastic surgery. For his 1000th procedure, Jedlica became the first person in the world to get a full leg augmentation with eight implants at the same time.

Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica has spent nearly $1 million transforming his body.
Human Ken Doll Justin Jedlica has spent nearly $1 million transforming his body.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/justinjedlica

To date, Justin Jedlica's surgery lifestyle has cost him a total of $985,000 on plastic surgery, with a total of 23 implants across his body. As a risk-taker with the desire to be a part of plastic surgery history, Jedlica gravitates towards the more outlandish procedures.

Talking about his full-leg augmentation in an episode of Hooked On The Look, Jedlica said, "It definitely is on the more extremist side as far as just the level of risk that we're taking with this."

Justin Jedlica's implants are a first in plastic surgery history

Prior to this procedure, he had never gotten work done on his legs. To make sure that he was getting exactly what he had been dreaming of for 10 years, Jedlica worked with his plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Eppley to custom design each implant. His end goal was to have more definition in his legs.

Other people have had leg implants in the same areas Jedlica did, but Dr. Eppley said that Justin Jedlica's surgery was the first time they had all been inserted at the same time.

How did the "Human Ken Doll" Justin Jedlica's surgeries go?

Justin Jedlica will have a recovery period of about a week, during which he won't be able to walk. He will stay in his newly-bought wheelchair for the majority of this time. Everything went well during the surgery.

Prior to his full-leg augmentation, Jedlica and Dr. Barry sat down to discuss the procedure and discovered that 15% of Jedlica's body was fake, bringing him closer to his dream of looking fully plastic – just like an actual Ken doll.

He has two "plastic" counterparts in "Baby Ken" and "Ken Daddy," who have both gone under the knife to alter their appearance and become more plastic-like with each surgery.

As to the basis of his ongoing transformation, Jedlica said, "I look at it as a challenge that’s exciting and adventurous, every journey I’ve taken with new body modifications I’ve discovered additional confidence."

Some might think that spending close to $1 million on plastic surgery would be a good place to stop, but not Jedlica.

The "Human Ken Doll" has no plans of slowing down or stopping his journey towards becoming a plastic pioneer.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/justinjedlica

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