After Sigrid Hope and death row inmate Alan Wade fell in love, they had a child together

Jacksonville, Florida – Sigrid Hope moved from France to Florida to be closer to her pen pal-turned-husband, Alan Wade. The catch, though, is that he's been in prison for 16 years and on death row for six.

Sigrid Hope visits Alan Wade regularly and always makes sure that their son is along for the ride.
Sigrid Hope visits Alan Wade regularly and always makes sure that their son is along for the ride.  © Screenshot/Instagram/@sigridwoh

When Hope decided to write letters to convicted felons, the goal was never to find love, and surely not a husband.

But after Wade wrote her back, their conversations quickly turned more intimate, and feelings emerged. After just six weeks, Wade confessed his love for her – and, to his great joy, it was mutual.

The two both knew that having a relationship with one another was going to be hard, Wade was on death row after all, and they even tried to stop writing to one another for a while. In the end, though, love prevailed.

Alan Wade and Sigrid Hope get married on death row

After efforts to distance themselves quickly failed, Wade proposed while his French lover was visiting him at the Florida state prison. As deeply in love as they were, and as joyful as their decision, his prison sentence was but the first of many challenges they faced.

Not only was Alan locked up and on death row, but he was in Florida while Hope resided in France. If they ever wished to spend more than a limited few hours together, Hope would have to relocate.

Knowing their love was real, she packed everything up and made the journey across the pond, finding herself a new home in Florida.

Wade faced judgement from his wife's family

Hoping to share their love with her friends and family, Hope sent out 60 wedding invitations. When her loved ones started looking Wade up on the internet and discovering who he was in the eyes of the law, the judgement began.

"That's when they all disappeared. They were really scared for me and I think they were being worried who he was and if he's being honest with me," Sigrid said in an episode of Love Don't Judge.

Her convict husband is in prison for robbery and a double murder, according to Hope. It seems that, along with three others, he was involved in the kidnapping, robbing, and live burying of a Jacksonville couple in 2005. His past, though, doesn't scare her. It never has.

Alan Wade and Sigrid Hope have a baby from behind bars

Although their time together has been spent inside prison walls, these lovebirds somehow managed to have a child together – a process that Hope refuses to share any information about.

Though their son will grow up without a dad present in his life, the French woman is keen on ensuring his view of his dad is a positive one, saying, "I will tell him that his Dad is not who people are going to tell him he is, and that he is an amazing person. That he is really caring and sweet, and that he loves him".

Regardless of how hard it is to only be able to talk to her husband on the phone once a month and see him a handful of times for a few hours, Hope has no regrets on the life and love she's chosen.

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