Elderly coronavirus patients have touching dinner date in hospital

O'Fallon, Illinois - Frank and Terry will certainly never forget this romantic dinner date!

Terry (86, l.) and Frank (93) have been married for 63 years.
Terry (86, l.) and Frank (93) have been married for 63 years.  © Facebook/Screenshot/HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital

The nursing staff at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Illinois came up with something very special for married couple Frank (93) and Masako "Terry" Martinez (86).

According to the New York Post, the two were admitted to the hospital due to a coronavirus infection.

Although the spouses, who have been married for more than 60 years, are in the same hospital, they are being treated in "separate areas," St. Elizabeth's Hospital announced on Facebook on Saturday.

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After talking to a family member and hearing how inseparable Frank and Terry are, nurses Kim and Hannah immediately knew what they had to do. They came up with a brilliant plan.

Shortly after the conversation, the nurses surprised the couple with a very special "Dinner Date" where "they were able to see each other, hold hands and eat together for the evening. Just as they have done for so many years."

The hospital shares the story on Facebook

Facebook users are touched by the loving gesture

The hospital also shared a picture of Frank and Terry lying side by side in their beds, holding hands tightly as the young nurses stand beside them.

People were touched by the gesture and showed their appreciation under the Facebook post, which has almost 500 likes.

"I have known these two love birds since the 60s. My parents were dear friends of theirs. And their family is so right. They were inseparable," wrote one user, adding: "They are the sweetest couple ever. Prayers for them and for all of you doing what you all do. THANK YOU!!!"

Another added, "What a heartfelt example of care and compassion."

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital

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