Is the unicorn position the secret to a mythical orgasm?

Unicorns might be the stuff of legend, but orgasms don't have to be, with this position that hits all the right spots, according to sex experts. 

Sex doesn't have to be monotonous.
Sex doesn't have to be monotonous.  © 123RF/Katarzyna Białasiewicz

Sometimes it doesn't take elaborate role-playing scenarios, expensive toys, or uncomfortable new outfits to spice up a couple's love life. When a satisfying climax is all that's needed, a simple change of position might do the desired trick.

There's no need to go into Kama Sutra contortions either. For those who have grown bored with the usual doggy-styles, 69s, and the ever-dependable missionary, the unicorn position can be the magical solution.  

And it's as easy to do as spooning.

How the unicorn position works

For magical orgasms, try the unicorn position.
For magical orgasms, try the unicorn position.  © Kaspars Grinvalds/123RF

Turning a regular spoon into a unicorn is simple, according to the Daily Star.

It starts off from the regular position, with one partner being cradled from behind by the other. The man bends his knees slightly, so that his heels  are touching. The woman then lifts her leg and angles it slightly, while holding on to her knee. And off they go!

This position is comfortable, doesn't take a lot of effort (at least not from one of the partners), and produces intense orgasms, especially if the partner uses their free hand for some extra stimulation.

It might take a couple of tries to get use to, but it's all worth it if the results are as mythically satisfying as they sound. 

Cover photo: Kaspars Grinvalds/123RF

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