Tattoo-obsessed man Ethan Bramble shocks partner with insane tattoo removal transformation

Duranbah, Australia - You could say that this young man's extreme makeover happened in reverse, but Ethan Bramble's crazy tattoo removal makeover was a gift that shocked his partner.

Ethan Bramble' tattoo removal makeover has completely changed his physical appearance.
Ethan Bramble' tattoo removal makeover has completely changed his physical appearance.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/Ethanmadboybramble

Ethan Bramble started modifying his body at the early age of 11, when he decided to stretch his earlobes, and launched a lifestyle he's never since shaken. Since those fateful earlobe extenders, he has covered himself with ink from head to toe, has sliced the tips of his ears off, and has even bifurcated his tongue.

In a move made to shock his partner Meg, Bramble decided to cover up all of his tattoos in the latest episode of the Transformation series on YouTube, with the help of a makeup artist named Suzi.

In an interview for the series, Meg said that she couldn't even imagine Ethan Bramble without tattoos, as she has never known a version of him that wasn't covered in ink.

The process took 2.5 hours to complete, and the results were astounding. After Suzi finished covering up his tattoos, it was time for Bramble's big reveal.

Why did Ethan Bramble get so many tattoos?

When it comes to the reasoning behind getting so many tattoos, Bramble has shared that he always wanted to look completely different to everybody else. This extreme individualism and this drive to be different has been the motivation for his tattoo lifestyle.

He also noted that while many think there's a deeper meaning to his ink, it's far from the truth. Bramble said, "at the end of the day, I do all this to my body because I think it looks cool."

Ethan Bramble's tattoo removal shocked his partner

Before showing Meg his transformation, Bramble took one look at himself in the mirror, and found himself in complete disbelief. After his first look, Bramble couldn't help but giggle, exclaiming "I feel almost naked!"

Next, it was time for the big reveal to his partner. When Meg first saw Bramble, her initial reaction was to go in for a kiss and hug. Once the reality set in, she giddily said "he's still good-looking, but I like him with his tattoos."

Although Ethan Bramble had said he sometimes wishes that he was tattoo-free to avoid the judging stares he gets at fancy restaurants, he ultimately prefers his fully tatted look.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/Ethanmadboybramble

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