"It's no joke": comedian documents deadly coronavirus infection

Los Angeles, California - Joe Luna was aware of the seriousness of the situation: a double amputee with diabetes, he was considered a high-risk coronavirus patient. His life was tragically taken by Covid-19.

"My pain is terrible": Joe filmed himself in bed speaking about his infection.
"My pain is terrible": Joe filmed himself in bed speaking about his infection.  © Screenshot Instagram @joeelcholo

The Los Angeles-based comedian documented his experiences with coronavirus, updating his followers regularly on his Instagram channel.

"Not only did I test positive for Covid, I have pneumonia. I’m a double amputee and I’m a diabetic, so I’m dealing with a lot," Joe Luna (38) shared in one of his videos.

His symptoms included chest pain, abdominal pain, uncontrollable tremors, and the loss of his sense of taste.

Joe was also worried about his children and girlfriend, who contracted the coronavirus, but with less severe symptoms.

"Let me tell you, man, when I would hear people talk about what Covid did to them, I always thought to myself, man, you know what, I doubted it was that bad," he said. "I'll tell you guys right now, I've been put in a fight. I’ve been fighting for my life."

On November 23, Joe Luna lost that fight, People magazine reported. His fans expressed their condolences on Instagram.

Comedian Joe Luna records the trajectory of his infection in several videos, a few days later he is dead

The comedian performed mostly in local clubs, including The Ice House and The Improv Theatre. His family set up a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral costs.

Joe's son Jose Talavera said, "For his funeral, he doesn't want anyone crying so we're going to put together a show because that's what he would have wanted. He wanted people to be laughing and having fun."

Cover photo: Screenshot Instagram @joeelcholo

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