Climate win: Renewable energy sets new green power records in US

Washington DC - Green, baby, green! Renewable energy just gave us another much-needed climate win for the first chunk of 2022.

Wind turbines and other renewables are still on the rise.
Wind turbines and other renewables are still on the rise.  © REUTERS

According to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable power projects hit 23.5% of US electricity generation from January to March.

That is a jump from last year, when green energy only made up 19.5% of the country's power over the same time period, according to Inside Climate News.

As the report points out, these big gains for green power came in spite of having to deal with red tape and supply chain hurdles.

That means that there is plenty of room for improvement, once federal and state laws start pushing renewable projects from behind instead of tripping them up.

More green power, faster

The country needs to amp up its green power growth, and keep adding new renewable projects every year to replace fossil fuel projects.

A March report from the number-crunchers at Ember found that the US needs to add the same amount of new green energy projects each year. If we keep that up through 2030, it would be part of the solution to the climate crisis and help to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius relative to pre-industrial levels.

And according to the New York Times, the Biden Administration wants to help make that happen with more support for companies installing new renewable energy generation.

The US is like a plant, growing and growing, and needs to keep on making more clean energy to switch away from fossil fuels.

Cover photo: REUTERS

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