Greenhouse gases emitted by US have cost the rest of the world nearly $2 billion

Hanover, New Hampshire - The US is taking home an unwanted first prize for its role in wrecking other countries through climate change.

Protesters at last year's UN climate conference demand rich countries step up to pay for Loss and Damage.
Protesters at last year's UN climate conference demand rich countries step up to pay for Loss and Damage.  © PAUL ELLIS / AFP

According to a new study from Dartmouth College researchers and seen by the Guardian, the US is to blame for $1.91 billion worth of climate impacts that have brought destruction and death to other countries, particularly poorer ones.

Since 1990, the amount of greenhouse gases from the US tops the charts, putting our country ahead of the next biggest emitters, Russia and China.

All told, the top five emitters from the study's findings are responsible for roughly $6 trillion of climate damage.

The study also found that our country and other big culprits barely experience the effects of climate change, with some nations like Russia and Canada even benefitting from longer growing seasons.

The case for Loss and Damage

Loss and Damage is the term the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and climate activists use when talking about the heavy financial impact the climate crisis causes. Its flip side is the argument that richer nations like the US should pay up, since they are clearly responsible for the bulk of those costs.

Studies that point out who has contributed the most greenhouse gases help highlight how disproportionate the impacts of climate change are, with wealthy nations required to provide significant funds to poorer ones to help them survive the crisis.

It would only be fair for the main culprits behind the problem to have to fork over a larger share to fund the solutions.

This study shows just how disproportionate the causes and impacts of climate damage are.

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