CES kicks off 2022 with shiny new tech goodies

Las Vegas, Nevada - CES 2022, the biggest tech event of the year, is live with a mix of virtual and actual reality this year. Here's what to look out for.

You can only get in to CES 2022 if you are fully vaccinated.
You can only get in to CES 2022 if you are fully vaccinated.  © IMAGO/MediaPunch

The live portion of 2022's Consumer Electronics Show is taking place in Las Vegas January 5 through 7, and it is the tech industry's biggest event to get you pumped up about the next greatest innovations and newest gimmicks.

TVs and monitors will take center stage, and this year you can expect the numbers to keep going up, with 8K resolution on a lot of the products.

The 8K label simply means a screen has a width of 8,000 little pixels – which sounds great, but isn't so much once you find out that there are few videos and games that you can actually watch in 8K.

And since Samsung already announced its new NFT platform on its newest line of TVs, you can bet that the digital assets will show up in other parts of the event.

Laptops are set to be another big star of the CES show, and you can expect the trend of more powerful graphics cards and processors to continue, packed into ever slimmer and sleeker frames.

AMD and Nvidia, the two titans of the graphics card industry, and pretty much every PC gamer in the world, are anxiously waiting to see what Intel has in store for CES 2022. Intel makes loads of processors, which are basically the brains of an electronic device, but this year the company might offer an update to its work.

The trade show will be paired down this year because of the pandemic, and will end one day earlier due to safety precautions. Usually drawing 200,000 attendees, this year the event is expecting about 15,000, according to Reuters. 1,900 companies have committed to attending the show in-person, about half the pre-pandemic amount, while many other large corporations will have a virtual presence or have withdrawn altogether.

The aisles at the Las Vegas Convention Center will be widened to allow for social distancing, and all attendees must be fully vaccinated and masked.

But only CES's in-person attendees will get their hands on the zany kits the event gives out – like LED-clad and blinged-out extras for your devices, or the goofy giveaway gear from PC accessory-maker Razer.

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