Does uncooked rice really dry out wet iPhones? Apple weighs in!

San Francisco, California - The well-known method of trying to dry out a mistakenly submerged iPhone in uncooked rice is not the way to get your device back up and working, said the phone's maker, Apple Inc.

Apple is warning customers against putting wet iPhones in rice to dry them out.
Apple is warning customers against putting wet iPhones in rice to dry them out.  © Rawpixel

The company has released new recommendations for handling a wet iPhone, advising against the traditional method of using uncooked rice to dry it out.

The company warns that placing a wet phone in rice could lead to damage from rice particles.

Instead, Apple suggests gently tapping out any liquid and allowing the device to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Additionally, Apple cautions against using external heat sources, compressed air, or inserting foreign objects into the phone.

If users encounter a "liquid detected" alert while charging their phones, Apple recommends unplugging the cable, tapping the phone to remove excess liquid, and letting it dry for at least 30 minutes before attempting to charge it again.

Apple warns against common iPhone misconceptions

For persistent issues, users should wait a day before trying to charge the device once more. Apple emphasizes the importance of avoiding common misconceptions like using rice, external heat sources, or foreign objects to dry a wet phone.

The company also highlights the evolving design of smartphones, noting that newer models are more water-resistant. Apple devices from the iPhone 12 onwards can withstand immersion up to around 20 feet deep for half an hour.

In emergencies where a wet iPhone needs to be charged, users have the option to override the liquid detection notice or use a wireless charger after ensuring the device is dry, the company said.

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