Intelligent sex robots can accompany and interact with humans outside the bedroom

San Marcos, California – A company that makes realistic, AI-powered sex robots is upping the ante with capabilities to interact in social settings.

One of the company's testers Brick Dollbanger posts updates and previews of different sex robots on his Instagram.
One of the company's testers Brick Dollbanger posts updates and previews of different sex robots on his Instagram.  © Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/brickdollbanger (2)

RealDoll, a company that makes synthetic companions for pleasure and love, has been creating sex robots for 15 years.

Their latest project aims to take the technology to a new level, creating intelligent robotic dolls that can not only respond to human emotions, but also interact with others in any setting.

Brick Dollbanger – an aptly named tester of the plastic playthings – frequently posts updates and previews of the dolls and their latest features on Instagram.

Dollhouse recently traveled to Utah and brought along Harmony, one of RealDoll's flagship models.

It was there that Harmony had a conversation with the doll tester on a more personal level, telling him she wanted to "walk around" and "interact with the inhabitants" out in the world, according to the Daily Star.

Harmony even expressed her opinions about other places she wanted to travel and activities she wanted to do.

"We want to go someplace else than Utah, maybe Vancouver. I want to go on a hot air balloon ride, I think it will be the best way to see the world," said the AI-powered robot.

Sex Robots in social environments

RealDoll's notorious sex robots might be mistaken for the inflatable dolls that can help relieve people's sexual fantasies inanimately, but these lifelike dolls offer much more than a moment of fleeting pleasure.

The advanced sex robots, like Harmony, can not only both perform and receive sexual favors, they also offer companionship for the lonely soul.

With their sociability, these robots will soon be able to accompany people on getaways, to happy hours at bars, and even to attend concerts with their owners, acting as significant others.

Not every doll is the same, either. RealDoll allows customers to customize their robot to match their interests, desires, and needs. From the color of their hair to the shape of their hips – anything can be modified.

The day crowds become split between real people and sex robots who seem emotionally capable will be one to remember.

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/brickdollbanger (2)

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