"Ms. Miami" reshapes her butt, and her life, after illegal injections kerfuffle

Miami, Florida – After a Floridian woman known as "Ms. Miami" had illegal butt injections, giving her an eye-popping 59-inch bum, she struggled to find clothing and suffered some pretty serious side effects.

Courtney Barnes is in the process of removing the illegal butt injections.
Courtney Barnes is in the process of removing the illegal butt injections.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@msmiamitv

Before Brazilian butt lifts rose to fame, black-market cosmetic injections were all the rage. Though the process was illegal, Courtney Barnes decided to get biopolymer injections in her backside, and continued until it was 59-inches across.

Now, after years struggling to find clothes that fit, and suffering from severe and painful side effects, she's in the process of getting the implants removed. So far, Barnes has undergone 10 operations to have the biopolymer removed.

Sadly, though, because she had the implants for so long, Barnes' doctor told Truly that it had started to move into other areas of her body, causing immense pain. Despite this fact, she doesn't regret a thing.

Courtney "Ms. Miami" Barnes draws eyes to her backside

The attention she got from her backside made Barnes feel good for a long time. Yet, despite the joy of her 59-inch rear brought to the world, she now admits that she's not that person anymore.

"People had a lot of fun with it, I made a lot of people feel good," she explained, having undergone ten operations and reducing her butt by an equal number of inches. "It made people's day just to be looking at my old booty."

Despite some people's disappointment, she has also received a lot of positive feedback on her Instagram, with comments saying things like "transformation on point" and "you look much better – imperfections are perfections."

Despite Miss Miami's booty troubles, more surgeries are in her future

As one could imagine, shopping for clothes that fit around a butt as big as Miss Miami's isn't easy. It led Barnes to experience a lot of anxiety, physical and intense pain, and discomfort.

As a result, for years she has shopped exclusively online. Now, though, she's able to hit up shops with her friends without the fear of leaving empty-handed or feeling ashamed.

After she's done healing from her last surgery, Barnes plans on having even more work done, in a continued attempt to reconstruct and reduce her booty.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/msmiamitv

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