Mother of three can't sleep because her neighbor is too loud in bed

Manchester, UK - Can loud sex be loud enough to constitute a noise ordinance violation? That is what the Manchester City Council has been asked to find out after a mother of three complained about her neighbors loud love-making multiple times.

Too much sex can be disturbing for neighbours.
Too much sex can be disturbing for neighbours.  © 123RF/Kamil Macniak

Lots of people's lives have changed during the coronavirus pandemic. But this British woman's sleep routine has been ruined and it's not because she is up worrying about the state of the world. 

She is awake because her neighbor is having really loud sex every single night. 

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Manchester Evening News her tale of woe. "It's every night, it's terrible."

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The loud sex isn't new, the woman explained, but when the UK went into national lockdown at the end of March, the noise "pollution" has gotten more frequent: "Before lockdown, it wasn't really every night. Since lockdown, it's got worse."

According to the annoyed local, her neighbor lives alone but each night she gets a visitor. There was initially some hope that it was all temporary: "At first I thought 'it's going to stop, maybe she's got a new boyfriend and the novelty will wear off.' But it just never ended."

She insisted that she tried to talk to her neighbor about the problem and even sent her a note, all to no avail. Her tormentor is apparently "very unapproachable."

Not only is the sex loud but the woman says that she can also hear frequent arguing next door.

British mother suffers from sleep deprivation

The mother of three children, aged one, two, and four, has complained to the city council twice now. The authorities responded by writing a letter to the woman's neighbor twice. This too has had no effect. Officials explained that they could not pay the culprit a visit in person because of coronavirus restrictions.

After another sleepless night, the woman complained again. This time, the city council said that they couldn't do anything about the sound because it is a "natural noise."

"I don't know what else we can do. I'm so sleep deprived," she told the newspaper. Moving because of the racket is apparently out of the question because this is the neighborhood is where she wants to raise her children.

After the Manchester Evening News contacted the council again, they sent an officer to the building at 1:20 am on Saturday. The officer said that he didn't hear anything from the street level. Now the council is installing noise monitoring equipment in the building to see if the "natural noise" is in fact too loud. 

Let's hope for everyone's sake that the noisy neighbor decides to turn down the volume on her late night fun. 

Cover photo: 123RF/Kamil Macniak

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