What is the most basketball slam dunks by a bunny?

Los Angeles, California - Few bunnies are as impressive as Bini, whose extraordinary basketball skills have scored him not only the appreciation of his friends, but a world record like no other!

Basketball bunnies can dunk like it's nobody's business.
Basketball bunnies can dunk like it's nobody's business.  © Collage: Unsplash/Waranya Mooldee/Markus Spiske

Bunnies are far less intelligent in the real world than is portrayed in cartoons. They are creatures of below-average intelligence, usually happy to spend their life sleeping, pooping, eating, and sleeping rather than anything particularly athletic. Yet, for Bini, this couldn't be further from the truth.

This is the story of an animal world record like no other, an achievement so extraordinary that you'd hardly believe it's possible. How did Bini become the world record holder for most basketball slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit? It's time to find out.

Bini has the most basketball slam dunks by a bunny in one minute

Having dunked seven basketballs in less than a minute, Bini became the world record holder for most basketball slam dunks by a bunny in less than a minute. Adjudicated and confirmed by Guinness World Records, the achievement made him one of the world's most famous non-fictional rabbits.

At only five years old, Bini is no ordinary rabbit. Instead, he's a record-breaking, trend-setting athletic talent of the highest order. His owner, Shai Asor, told Guinness World Records that basketball is Bini's favorite activity, and he practices every night before he goes to bed. Apparently, Asor is a major basketball fan, and Bini likely gets that love from him.

His basketball skills, however, are not the only thing that Bini can claim as a talent. The tiny little dude also loves to paint and even sells his paintings on an online store that Asor set up for him. Additionally, he likes to style people's hair, eat carrots, and chill with his friends – you know, all of those normal bunny activities!

Speaking about Bini's impressive world record, Shai Asor said: "Having Bini become part of the Guinness World Records family is an incredible feeling, especially since I used to read the annual books when I was a kid."

Who would have thought that a creature this tiny and this cute could dunk like such a champion?
Who would have thought that a creature this tiny and this cute could dunk like such a champion?  © Unsplash/Victor Larracuente

How did Bini become the basketball bunny?

After his owner noticed him pushing a ball toward a box, Bini started his basketball training, spending hours every day practicing. Once he started getting good, Bini started to perform his basketball moves, dunking ball after ball until the clever little dude was truly an athlete worth paying attention to.

Of course, it's here that we feel obliged to point out that Bini isn't dunking full-sized basketballs into full-sized hoops. Instead, he has been given little balls that can be carried in his mouth, in a small net not much higher than his head. While that probably means he won't be taking on LeBron James anytime soon, it still speaks volumes about his discipline, strength, and coordination.

Bini has been put on a pretty strict routine as well, waking up early to go for a run around the house. He then has some luscious greens for breakfast before taking a lovely nap and training in the afternoon. As we already mentioned, he also spends his time painting and as a hairstylist.

"It was very easy to achieve this record because Bini likes to play basketball every night before he goes to sleep," Asor explained. "One day, I caught Bini playing with a ball and a box, and I decided to develop his talent – so I bought him a hoop and a basketball... Once he did it, I gave him some food, and since then, he is the next Michael Jordan."

"So Bini has multi-talents... but he likes the most to play basketball... I am very excited to have Bini in the Guinness World Records... It's time for him to show his talent to the rest of the world."

Basketball bunnies are a pretty funny phenomenon

It seems a little far-fetched that a bunny would play basketball and even further-fetched that it would play basketball well. Yet, Bini could go up against even some of the great NBA players of our time if push came to shove. While he's a little short, and he probably needs some training on how to play in a team, his dunking skills are quite simply unparalleled (by bunnies, that is).

Rabbits like Bini give us the entertainment and happiness we all deserve and should be appreciated as some of the greatest athletes in the world!

Cover photo: Collage: Unsplash/Waranya Mooldee/Markus Spiske

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