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Animal World Records: Dog Records, Cat Records, & More

Learn about the most impressive animal world records right here!
Learn about the most impressive animal world records right here!  © 123RF / Andrinaline

The biggest, the smartest, the cutest, the fastest! Cats, dogs, frogs, slugs, chickens, and fish, they can all make world records as well! Now, here at TAG24, you have somewhere to come for the latest animal world records and news...

On this page, TAG24 will bring you amazing animal records, perfect for sharing with your friends and family. It's not just about animals that have completed some impressive feat, either. Indeed, you will also find animals famous for some kind of special characteristic.

Maybe a certain animal species has broken all records in terms of toxicity, intelligence, or speed. Perhaps a specific cat has the world's longest cat-tail. Perhaps Reginald the frog can jump higher than any other frog. It doesn't really matter, if an animal has made a world record, then it will be featured here on TAG24!

We love cats and dogs in particular, so you can expect to find an especial focus here on cat records and dog records. Did a kitty achieve something never achieved by their feline friends? Did a doggo score a record worthy of such a pooch? You're in the right place!

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Stick to TAG24 for the latest Animal Record News, including the biggest cat and dog achievements of our time.