Longest cat tail in the world: This is one lengthy appendage!

Many cats have long and fluffy tails, but not all are quite as long as this furry feline's. How lengthy is the longest cat tail in the world, and who is the lucky kitty to boast such a fine appendage?

Altair Cygnus Powers holds the world record for longest cat tail ever.
Altair Cygnus Powers holds the world record for longest cat tail ever.  © Screenshot / Instagram / Starcats_detroit

Cats are truly impressive creatures with their fluffy paws and scruffy cheeks. Some have such impressive tails that they look like they could clean a chimney in one sweep!

TAG24 presents you with the animal world record for longest cat tail ever and answers everything you want to know: Who is the lucky kitty, how long is the longest tail, and does the tail ever get in the cat's way?

Average cat tail length

The average cat has a tail length of 10-11 inches, with the Maine Coon, American Shorthair, and Egyptian Mau coming in as but a few of the longest-tailed cat breeds in the world. Interestingly, cats and dogs actually have similarly lengthy tails, with bigger dogs and bigger cats generally having much larger tails than their smaller counterparts.

Longest cat tail in the world

Altair Cygnus Powers is a Maine Coon who set a record back in October 2021 for having the longest cat tail in the world. More specifically, the Guinness World Records defined Altair as having the "longest tail of a living domestic cat." That means this record excludes any non-domestic cat breeds or other felines.

This Maine Coon lived with his owners Lauren and William Powers in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Both of Altar Cygnus Powers' humans are involved in animal welfare.

It must be tricky owning a cat with such a long tail, considering it would be rather easy to step on such an appendage, but the Powers never seem to have much of a problem!

How long is the world's longest cat tail?

Altair Cygnus Powers, the current record holder for longest cat tail, has a tail of approximately 16 inches in length. Interestingly, the Powers family has already dabbled in long-tailed kitties, with their previous feline friend being a former record holder.

The world record for longest cat tail ever recorded is actually the late Cygnus Regulus Powers, whose tail measured a lengthy 17-18 inches. Part of the same family, Cygnus and Altair have both become semi-celebrities, and have even appeared on TV shows. Wild, right?

The sad fate of Cygnus Regulus Powers, owner of the world's longest cat tail

In 2017, a fire broke out in Lauren and Will Powers' Farmington Hills home, sadly ending the life of this famous kitty. Cygnus' faithful humans risked their lives to search for all four of their cats, opening doors and windows to allow them to escape. Sadly, all four of their beloved cats perished, with Cygnus succumbing to smoke inhalation before managing to escape.

After losing their beloved animals, as well as their home, the Powers never gave up. With the support of their friends, family, and fans, they began a new family in 2018 when they adopted Bengal kitties Polaris and Hyperion. Altair is a Maine Coon and a brother of Cygnus and was adopted a little later. His middle name pays homage to his late brother.

This fluffy fellow was a sight to behold!

While Cygnus Regulus may have passed, he has left behind one truly spectacular world record. He was an incredible beast, with great big locks of fluff and a tail of most magnificent lengths. He may have held the record for world's longest cat tail, but he was more than just his backside appendage.

Though the Power family did adopt new kitties and Altair is the new record holder, it doesn't seem that any kitty will come close to Cygnus Regulus' most fantastic of feats!

Cover photo: Screenshot / Instagram / Starcats_detroit

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