What is the most beautiful horse in the world?

Horses are true attention magnets, capturing the imagination over millennia with their power and elegance. So what magnificent beast is considered the most beautiful horse in the world and what makes it so special?

The most beautiful breed of horse is, without a doubt, the Friesian.
The most beautiful breed of horse is, without a doubt, the Friesian.  © 123RF/Vikarus

When you enter the world of horses, you find yourself surrounded by strength and grace. Wide hooves and tails that flow in the wind, our equine friends can claim to be some of the most majestic animals in the world.

But what breed truly takes the ticket, though, making its way to the head of the herd?

It's time to take a look at another animal world record holder: the most beautiful horse.

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What is the world's most beautiful horse, and what characteristics set it apart from all others?

What is the world's most beautiful horse?

A horse named Frederik the great was unofficially named the world's most beautiful horse after he went viral on social media. Born in the Netherlands and brought to the US when he was only six years old, this unbelievably creature is loved by many for his grace, personality, the fetchingly good looks.

He has lived at Pinnacle Friesians Farm in Arkansas's Ozark Mountains for a long time, but rose to fame after James Corden spoke about him on The Late Late Show. From this point on, the animal became a celebrity who mingled with other stars, getting featured in The New York Times.

With more than 100,000 followers on Facebook and a YouTube channel with millions of views, he soon even found himself on Stephen Colbert's show. While the show was a hit, it did seem a little inappropriate that Colbert got so close and personal with this rapturous beast.

There are few, if any, horses that possess as much of a knack for pizzazz as Frederick, amply earning him the suffix affixed to his name. He is truly great, and truly deserves his world record.

Why is the most beautiful horse in the world so gorgeous?

With all that popularity, it goes without a surprise that this is one loaded horse. In fact, Frederick the Great is so gorgeous that he has been rumored to be making up to $20,000 a month.

On a slightly more uncomfortable note, though, good ol' Fred is so gorgeous and so desirable that he's donated a lot of semen for the purpose of breeding.

It's not so surprising that Frederick is so spectacular, either. After all, Friesians never fail to impress on the looks-front. There is simply no horse that can compete with Frederick when it comes to beauty, despite his old age and impending retirement.

What is the most beautiful horse breed?

The Friesian is a Dutch horse breed known for its stunning looks. With their long flowing manes, full tails, and particularly upright stature, there are few that would deny their position, even if one were to prefer brown or white coats over the Friesian's ubiquitous black hair.

Bred as carriage horses, Friesians tend to be strong, with high-set necks and a muscular physique that must make their contemporaries shake in jealousy. They are beautiful, graceful animals, well-shaped, with large and powerful bodies that make them perfect for a variety of activities.

Their temperament isn't too bad either, and the Friesian is highly valuable based not only on its looks, but also on its physical abilities. They may be the world's most beautiful horses, but they're far more than that as well.

Not every horse is this beautiful, that's for sure!

While every horse is a cut above your average hippo, these denizens of field and farm are not all quite as beautiful as you may think.

Many wild horses feel the wear and tear of their lifestyle hard upon their skin, and in the wisps of their long tails. Their coats are torn, and their hair is so matted that it resembles a rough coat worn tightly to the flesh. And it's not just the looks – wild horses are known for being some of the most dangerous land animals in the world.

Still, that should never take away from the undeniable majesty of these wonderful animals who deserve neverending respect and admiration.

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