Waffle the Warrior Cat: Highest and longest cat jump ever

Big Sur, California - There is something remarkable about a cat that can achieve things no other cat can. With that in mind, let's take a look at both the highest and the longest jumping cat in history.

A long-jumping cat is an extraordinary creature, and well worth applauding!
A long-jumping cat is an extraordinary creature, and well worth applauding!  © Unsplash/Chandler Cruttenden

Just down the slopes of the rugged mountains, wedged between their steep peaks and the salty spray of the ocean lies one of California's most beautiful spots.

Big Sur is not only home to great camping grounds and gorgeous green pastures stuck between jagged rocks, but one of the world's most impressive cats.

So, who holds the animal world record for being the longest-jumping cat in the world? Who is Waffle the Warrior Cat, and how far did she leap? And what cat jumps the highest of any kitty? Who holds that world record?

Cat's impressive pole-dancing skills have TikTok users in stitches!
Cats Cat's impressive pole-dancing skills have TikTok users in stitches!

Let's find out!

Who is Waffle the Warrior Cat, the longest-jumping cat in history?

Waffle the Warrior Cat holds the animal world record for the longest jump by a cat at a whopping seven feet (the more accurate measurement is approximately 213.36 centimeters). The remarkable achievement was managed by the kitty on January 30, 2018, when she was 10 years old. It was recorded and confirmed by Guinness World Records in Big Sur, California.

It was a truly extraordinary achievement, captured on video and posted to YouTube shortly afterward, but also officially adjudicated by a Guinness World Record auditor thus making the record totally legitimate and official. For the attempt to be rendered legitimate, it also had to be done from a standing position with very precise measurements based on where the paws landed first.

The jump took place at the Plasket Creek Campground in Big Sur, California, and was attended by not only the staff of Guinness World Records, but also the fans and family of Waffle herself. It's not a surprise, after all, because an impressive kitty like Waffle certainly deserves the plentiful fans she has amassed over the years!

When the magical moment happened, it took but a split second for a brand-new champion to be born. Waffle the Warrior Cat is now officially the longest jumping cat in known history. Well done, Waffle, well done. Now, where's the maple syrup?

Who is the highest-jumping big cat in the world?

While the competition is certainly strong, with a jump that regularly surpasses 13 feet in height, the serval is quite possibly the highest-jumping big cat in the world. Set with an impressive body that's capable of some impressive things, the serval regularly grows to about 25-30 inches in height and about 100-150 pounds in weight.

It's therefore pretty obvious that these medium-to-large-sized cats don't have to lug around the kind of weight you'd see in a tiger or lion. As such, these remarkable creatures are able to train their muscles into feats that no human or domestic kitty could even consider.

While your average serval won't jump much higher than 10 feet at a time, it is not unlikely that it will reach 13, 14, or even 15 feet once it is fully grown and fully capable. As such, they are avid, vicious, and extremely efficient hunters who are particularly hard to escape from – even if you're a bird!

When hunting, though, the serval adopts a bit of a different strategy than what you'd imagine from most big cats. These beauties creep up on their prey before launching themselves a good long distance and striking with their forefeet. The idea is to get their prey off balance and knock them over before going in for the kill.

Whether the serval is the highest jumping cat in the world or not (spoiler alert – it is), you probably wouldn't want to get in one's way. You also wouldn't want to end up as breakfast, but that much goes without saying!

Servals are remarkable felines, and capable of jumping extraordinary heights and lengths.
Servals are remarkable felines, and capable of jumping extraordinary heights and lengths.  © Unsplash/Ahmed Galal

Would you rather a cat that jumps high or a cat that jumps low?

While you have to give kudos to Waffle the Warrior Cat for being such an absolute legend, you also need to recognize how difficult it must be for someone to own such a spectacular cat. Kitties with that kind of mobility will be all over the place stirring up all sorts of trouble, so you've gotta have respect for Waffle's humans.

But whether a cat is jumping high or long doesn't really matter because no matter the amount of mischief being stirred, a cat like Waffle is one well-worth her weight in fur!

Cover photo: Unsplash/Chandler Cruttenden

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