What is the smallest cat in the world?

With those tiny legs, the world's smallest cat is truly one-of-a-kind. It's time to take a look at the smallest cat in the world, and what other breeds are somewhat similar...

Many people say that Lilieput is the smallest domestic cat in the entire world.
Many people say that Lilieput is the smallest domestic cat in the entire world.  © Screenshot / Instagram / Guinness World Records

With tremendously short legs, the smallest cat in the world was an incredible cutie with an impressive tail and a big personality. Interestingly, though, this beautiful kitty wasn't the only small cat to ever grace this great green globe with its presence. That's where we come in.

While this tiny kitty may hold the animal world record for smallest cat ever, it was not alone in its tininess. Indeed, the world's smallest cat was not as one-of-a-kind as you may think...

What is the world's smallest cat?

The latest kitty to have been presented with the title of smallest cat in the world was a little lady called Lilieput, who earned this mother-of-all accolades in 2014. This beautiful little munchkin cat was originally rescued from the street by her owner Christel Young, and lived out the rest of her days in Napa, California.

No other cat has taken the title of smallest cat since Lilieput's passing in 2016, at least according to Guinness World Records. Lilieput was a munchkin cat, a short-legged breed that is often likened to a Dachshund due to its short legs and general tininess.

How big is the smallest cat in the world?

Lilieput measured a mere 5.25 inches in height in 2013, when she was ten years old. This is extraordinarily short, giving her competition something truly hard to beat. That being said, while no one has beaten or even taken her position as the smallest living cat, she is not the tiniest feline to have ever been recorded...

What was the smallest cat ever?

Tinker Toy, a blue point Himalayan, holds the Guinness World Record for being the smallest cat to ever live. Measuring in at only 7.25 inches in length and 2.75 inches in height, this tiny little kitty wasn't much bigger than your average guinea pig, which is a truly extraordinary feat.

Hailing from Taylorville, Illinois, Tinker Toy was born into a litter of six kittens and only survived for six years. He was born in late 1990 and passed in 1997. Remarkably, he weighed only a single pound, making him lighter than your average packet of flour.

What is the smallest cat breed?

While the munchkin cat is incredibly tiny, it is by no means the only small cat breed, or even the smallest for that matter. The smallest cat breed in the world is the Singapura Cat. Other kitties also tower far below our ankles, even if it may seem unlikely that a feline friend could be that ridiculously small.

Here are a few of the smallest cat breeds in the world:

  • Singapura cat
  • Munchkin cat
  • American curl
  • Scottish fold
  • Somali cat
  • Balinese cat
  • Egyptian mau
  • Bombay cat
  • Russian blue
  • Himalayan cat

Fun fact: Don't worry if your cat is super tiny. Small cats actually tend to live longer than their bigger brothers and sisters. It's the same in dogs!

The smallest cat ever is truly tiny!

Tinker Toy was outrageously small, as was Lilieput, but both of them sadly only lived relatively short lives. The former only survived until the age of six, and Lilieput pushed on until she was around 12 years of age. No known cat currently holds the status of smallest living cat in the world.

No matter their lives or stories, one thing can certainly be said about Tinker Toy and Lilieput - the two smallest cats in the world – they were incredibly cute, incredibly cuddly, and unbelievably tiny.

Cover photo: Screenshot / Instagram / Guinness World Records

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