Australian woman finds hairy horror hiding in her car door handle

Armidale, Australia - This Australian woman won't forget her shocking experience anytime soon.

What's hiding in the shadows?
What's hiding in the shadows?  © Screenshot/Facebook/Australian spider identification page

In what seems to be a perfectly normal occurrence in Australia, Armidale local Christine Jones was about to get into her car when she suddenly discovered something big and hairy under the door handle.

"Thought it was hairy caterpillars at first. Haven't used my car for a week," she posted on Facebook, along with photos of what she found waiting for her.

But what could possibly be so terrifying? The fact that Christine was posting on the Australian spider identification page should be a pretty good hint. Her pictures show a gigantic spider that made itself at home in the car door handle.

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The arachnid is comfortably tucked in the shadowy space and barely recognizable but for its long, hairy legs.

Giant spider squats in door handle: Woman does not use car for a week

The Huntsman spider made itself at home.
The Huntsman spider made itself at home.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Australian spider identification page

Christine's original post already has over 2,100 likes and has been shared more than 5,000 times. Many responses focused on an optical illusion which made it look like the photos were showing a human-sized spider poking through a car window.

"Omg i thought it was a giant spider like out of Harry Potter that was looking out of a half cracked window of the car!!!" one user wrote.

For others, the actual size of the creature was bad enough. "Time for a new car," one woman quipped. And since the Facebook page actually exists to identify various types of spiders, Christine also found out exactly who her would-be hitchhiker was: a Huntsman spider.

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In Australia, it's not uncommon for more or less dangerous insects and critters to crawl into houses, garages, or cars. During the summer months, locals are advised to avoid parking their cars under trees.

Drivers are also encouraged to spray their vehicles with insect repellant. Christine Jones will probably use up a can or two before going anywhere near her car again.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Australian spider identification page

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