Australian woman panics when she notices this creepy crawler in her car

Adelaide, Australia - Australia's terrifying wildlife strikes again! A woman was climbing into her car when she got a nasty surprise from an uninvited guest. 

This woman was terrified.
This woman was terrified.  © Instagram/Screenshot/shitadelaide

The video of the scary encounter was posted on the Instagram page shitadelaide on Sunday and it quickly went viral. Thousands of users watched it and were creeped out from behind a screen, so it's hard to imagine how it must have felt for the people in that situation.

The clip is only a few seconds long and it shows a man sitting at the wheel of a running car.  A woman goes to climb onto the backseat, but then she almost has a heart attack. 

The camera suddenly starts shaking and someone screams, as the video turns into a full-blown horror scene. 

No wonder: a giant crab spider is running along the car door!

Everyone involved panicked. Not just in the people the video, but also the users in the comment section of the Instagram post.

Giant crab spiders are poisonous

The giant crab spider taught the four of them to fear.
The giant crab spider taught the four of them to fear.  © Instagram/Screenshots/shitadelaide

Some Instagram users were just as freaked out.

  • "Nightmare stuff."
  • "My whole body convulsed and I nearly threw my phone."
  • "My worst nightmare."
  • "Omg my worst fear right there."
  • "Me and you in this situation would be a disaster."
  • "If this is what turns out to be in my mirror, I’ll burn my car."

But was there even a reason to be this scared? 

Giant crab spiders can indeed bite and are poisonous. Sure, that sounds unpleasant, but it's far from life-threatening. Apart from its creepy appearance, the crawler could hardly have done any real harm.

Whether the hitchhiking spider survived the encounter is unclear.

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshots/shitadelaide

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