Chihuahua and coyote mix makes for one wild dog

Florida - What do you get when a Chihuahua and a wild coyote mix? A coydog!

What do you get when a Chihuahua (l.) and Coyote (r) mix? A Coydog.
What do you get when a Chihuahua (l.) and Coyote (r) mix? A Coydog.  © Collage: 123RF/alenka2194 & 123RF/paultessier

Everybody knows that little Chihuahuas boast big attitudes and that coyotes are wild dogs related to wolves. But did you know that the two canines are actually different species?

That said, when these two bold dogs mate, they can still make some cute-looking puppies, called coydogs.

Jasper is the result of one such mix. He lives in Florida with his owner and even has his own Instagram account.

Unlike a Chihuahua, Jasper has a longer snout and super pointy ears. Jasper's markings are more like that of a coyote. He's got a bit of black on his the tip of his tail, his back, and his ears.

Coyotes are related to wolves and are known for their wild sides. According to Indigenous folklore, the coyote is a trickster. Does that make dogs like Jasper hard to handle?

Jasper is a Chihuahua-coyote mix

Coyote mixes can be difficult

Jasper the coydog is a real bundle of energy.
Jasper the coydog is a real bundle of energy.  © Instagram/Screenshot/jasper_the_coydog

It's clear from Jasper's Instagram that he has a lot of energy, but that he also loves to cuddle.

But not all coydogs are as sweet as he is. This crossbreed's temperament can vary significantly because of its wild dog side, per

Some coydogs can be aggressive, unpredictable, and even potentially dangerous.

This mix is born with a need to run, and they tend to be real bundles of energy.

Anyone looking to own this crossbreed needs to have a very firm hand when it comes to training. It's important that a coydog owner immediately make it clear that they are the leader of the pack.

Families, especially those with small children, should be cautious when it comes to bringing a coydog home. That's because you never know how much coyote is in this breed. Unlike other hybrids, coydogs can produce offspring of their own.

If you decide to give a cross between a coyote and another dog a forever home, just know that you are letting something wild into your life.

Cover photo: Collage: 123RF/alenka2194 & 123RF/paultessier

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